Dr. Peng is a leading National ISP with more than 500,000 enterprise customers nationwide. We provide companies with large-scale, high-quality network support, including internet access services.
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Core Advantages


Reliable Products & Support

 With extensive technical & operational experience, Dr. Peng is able to maintain 24/7 reliability at such a level that customers turn to us for help with the 2008 Beijing Olympics  and the annual National Day Military Parade.


One-stop Internet Solutions

Whether a company needs WiFi products or support, Cloud based services, event or convention products; hospitality Internet products or a wide range of other products and services, Dr. Peng has what the business customer is looking for.


Significant IP Resources Available

Dr. Peng ranks fifth in China for the total number of IP addresses that they own, with only the three state owned telecom carriers and the China Educational Network having more.


Professional Sales Teams

With multiple sales platforms, Dr Peng’s team digs deep using a consultative sales approach to work with the customer to determine their genuine needs and then positions the right products & services to ensure a mutually beneficial transaction. 

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