Dr. Peng provides residential services in more than 200 cities using GPON and other advanced technologies to ensure that customers have the reliability and performance that they have come to expect from our products and services. At the end of June 2018, Dr. Peng had 13.18 million subscribers in 212 cites with 80% at 50M+ or better speeds.
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Online and In-field Marketing Efforts


Localized Sales & Marketing

Dr Peng covers more than 120,000 communities and has more than 40, 000 employees providing local events and residential home visits to ensure that customers and non-customers alike are aware of all the great products & services offered by Dr. Peng.


Great Customer Support

Dr. Peng has more than 2,000 employees available to answer customer questions about our products and services. We leverage multiple platforms like GWBN Mall, Tmall and JD Flagship Store, to name a few, so our customers can contact us in the ways that are convenient for them.

Xiaopeng Manager

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Xiaopeng Manager is a unique service provided by Dr. Peng to help our residential users and communities with things like WiFi configuration, cabling for home networks, purchasing home broadband equipment, mobile phone repair and much, much more.

Excellence Platform

Dr. Peng’s proprietary system integrates operational & management platforms with customer trends to ensure maximum sales performance out of our marketing campaigns.

On the front end are the different sales channels, in the middle, or “Mid-End” are the operational components that support the sales efforts and on the back end, we have the data management, including “Big Data” analysis to ensure that we understand the results and can leverage the findings for future campaigns.


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