Cloud Private Line

Dr. Peng Group’s “Cloud Private Line” product allows our clients to quickly deploy a cloud based solution through high-speed, flexible and secure data connections.

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Features and Advantages


It allows our clients to leverage the cloud quickly and helps to address long-haul data transmission, disaster recovery, data back-up and other multi-regional & system issues.


By leveraging Dr. Peng’s POP’s our customers can take advantage of local interconnect points, reduced network costs and the flexibility to change links quickly.


Our Product enhances the security & stability, as well as minimizes the latency & packet loss of your Enterprise data.


Dr Peng’s DCI products provide Enterprise customers with “On Demand” safe, reliable and unified high-speed access between data centers in order for them to stay in front of growth and expansion requirements.

Features and Advantages


Superior Availability

Combined with SDN technology, our product can quickly & intelligently reduce jitter while maintaining overall availability of not less than 99.99%.


Superior Stability

Our customers can count on us to maintain network performance that minimizes latency, and maximizes stability even in peak traffic times.


Superior Security

Our DCI platform, coupled with SDN based network features including multiple isolation & encryption protocols provide our users with networks that are independent from each other and are without interference from each other.

VPN (“Virtual Private Network”)

Dr Peng’s VPN product, by leveraging Multiprotocol Label Switching (“MPLS”) technology, create Virtual Private Networks that allows our customers to connect multiple locations, business partners and employees with all types of information (Data, images, etc.) while maintaining a superior customer experience through a comprehensive managed service.

Features and Advantages


This product provides asynchronous routing and a dual line back-up solution that ensures a continual, stable connection.


Dr. Peng maintains the largest carrier-neutral Data Center Cluster in China with more than 200 MPLS & VPN enabled POP’s that make it easier for last mile connections.


With more than 20 years experience operating MPLS & VPN technology we know and have what you are looking for to ensure uninterrupted service. 99.99% Availability, SLA guarantees, Customized SVIP service mechanisms and 7X24X365 monitoring, down to the customer side device.


Dr Peng’s SD-WAN solution is a MPLS combined hybrid networking solution incorporating existing business class private network environments that is integrated with our software driven WAN access management system.

Features and Advantages


Easy plug and play environment


Agile deployment that can quickly define the WAN network


Span multiple data centers, span multiple regional hybrid architectures and safely intercept the cloud in multiple locations.


 A business class transmission network with guaranteed quality.

Peng Cloud Private Line

Dr Peng’s Cloud Private Line product features direct fiber connections which allows IDC/CP content to be delivered to customers through BGP connections at Enterprise Level speeds.

Features and Advantages


The product allows a BGP PEER with the use’s own AS number.


You can assign a private AS number to the user; set up a BGP PEER and then provide the IP address for Peng Cloud content.


Easy Set up: You can assign an IP address of Peng Cloud content for the user, then point the user by means of a static IP and NAT configuration.

Dedicated Internet


SMB Products

Static private IP, Multi-line optimization, and Cost-effective


Mid-Market products

Static private IP, Public IP, Multi-line optimization, Multi-route & dual link active back-up, and Proactive network monitoring


Enterprise Products

High quality BGP bandwidth, Static private IP, Public IP, Multi-line optimization, fast network access, Multi-route& dual-link active back-up, and Proactive network monitoring

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