Group Introduction

Stock Code: 600804
An Internet Service Provide for Business and Home

Dr. Peng Group was founded in January 1985. On January 3, 1994, the company went public on Shanghai Stock Exchange; Stock name: Dr. Peng; stock code: 600804. Dr. Peng Group owns Great Wall Broadband, Beijing Teletron, Broad Netcom, Dr. Peng Data, and Damai Technology, with over 40,000 employees worldwide. The company with big data cloud network, broadband and internet value-added services to 14 million residential users and 500,000 business users in more than 210 cities across China and North America

In 2017, Dr. Peng Group's total assets reached up to 23.4 billion yuan and an annual revenue of 8.3 billion yuan. As the largest listed company providing private telecom value-added services, Dr. Peng is a constituent of "SSE Constituent Index" and "SSE POEs 50".

Broadband Services

Home Broadband Services

By leveraging its own network resources with offline offline distribution channels in 210 cities, the company can maintain close relationships with nearly 14 million residential users in 120,000 communities using segmentation and touchpoint marketing service model.  The relationship is further enhanced by 40,000 domestic engineers who can offer more than 800,000 door-to-door network activations and other various services each month.

Business Broadband Services

Relying on Dr. Peng's own resources, it maintains long-term and stable strategic partnership with China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile, boasting abundant bandwidth resources and operating experience. It is the largest carrier-neutrual Internet service, providing large-scale, high-quality interconnection network services and Internet access services for more than 500,000 enterprise customers across the country.

Big Data Cloud Network Business

Big Data Cloud Network Services

By integrating data center products, network products, cloud products, security products, IT service products and etc., Dr. Peng offers government administration, healthcare, education and other industries with integrated cloud network solutions, varied cloud network interconnection scenarios, multi-cloud networking solutions, multi-cloud management solutions, offering customers with the most cost-effective, intelligent, and efficient solutions.

Dr. Peng Data Center

In Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Wuhan and Chengdu, Dr. Peng has established next generation national Class A data centers, meeting international T3/T4 standards, with a total area of up to over 200,000 sqm, and over 30,000 racks in total. It is one of the largest carrier-neutral data center providers in China, with unparalleled utilization rate in the industry. Consistently, Dr. Peng Data Center maintains with high-tech standardization, cluster scale, product diversification, managed services and amongst other core advantages. It has won the Annual Award of the Asian Internet Data Center, the award of Data Center Outstanding Service Provider, the Most Influential Company and other industry awards.

Innovative Businesses

Damai OTT Platform

Damai OTT video platform is Dr. Peng's self-developed product, with a total of 6 million users, more than five hours of streaming usage per day. The Damai OTT platform integrates iQIYI, Tencent Video, PPTV, Mango TV and other high-quality video contents, the Damai APP provide rich TV apps ranging from games to education, fitness, entertainment, and life. Currently there are 592 apps available, including 330 applications and 262 games.

Peng Cloud Video Conferencing

Based on the company's network resources, a high-definition, real-time interactive cloud platform for video communication was established to provide PaaS, AaaS, and SaaS. Int is a complete integrated video cloud service solutions for government, business, education, healthcare, media, finance and other industrial segments.


Dr. Peng Group received the MVNO business license from MIIT in 2014, and had thus become a virtual network operator of China Mobile. In 2017, Dr. Peng signed a cooperation agreement with China Unicom, and therefore also became a virtual operator of China Unicom.

PLCN project

Pacific Light Data Communication Co. Ltd. (PLDC), a holding subsidiary of Dr. Peng, has allied with Google and Facebook to co-build the world's first submarine fiber optic cable from Hong Kong to Los Angeles (Pacific Light Cable Network, or PLCN). The PLCN project consists of six pairs of optical fibers, of which PLDC owns four.

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