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Awarded with Star of Year for Enterprise Responsibility in Capital Market, Dr. Peng Group accelerated the transformation to facilitate upgrading of the industry Internet


On December 26, 2018, the "Economic Observer" sponsored the Work Together - the 4th (2018) Capital Market IRM Summit Forum hosted by the Economic Observer was held in Beijing, such listed companies as Dr. Peng Group won the honor of 2018 Star of Year for Enterprise Responsibility in Capital Market, reflecting high recognition from capital markets and industry experts. 

Dr. Wu Shaoyan, Chief Strategy Officer of Dr. Peng Group, was invited to attend the forum and delivered a keynote speech. He pointed out that based on current development status of the industry, Dr. Peng Group, by tapping into accumulated resources and wisdom of tens of thousands of employees, actively turns to new transformation and position to bring better returns for investors and medium and small share holders.



       Forward-looking layout and accelerated transformation, helping to build a win-win new ecosystem for industrial Internet

The year of 2018 proves to be a turning point for the Internet. The Internet growth dividend for C-ends tends to be exhausted. The first half of the consumer Internet is now expiring while the second half kicks off. Along with the supply-side reforms, the traditional industries have strong demands for structural upgrading and efficiency optimization. The B-end fully embraces the penetration of cloud computing, big data, AI and IoT technologies, and the era of the industrial Internet is on the horizon.

In the face of the ever-changing market environment, Dr. Peng Group is actively accelerating its transformation and upgrading. Under the leadership of the new management layer, it makes the most of its advantage accumulated for many years in the industry, and launches the transformation towards “an Internet service provider for business and home” in a comprehensive manner. At the same time, it vigorously develops cloud computing and big data business, conducts extensive cooperation with other parties, and lays emphasis on innovation, striving to become a high-tech Internet enterprise in a true sense.

Founded in January 1985, Dr. Peng Group is the largest private telecom value-added service listed company in China. It has companies including the Great Wall Broadband, Beijing Teletron, Dr. Peng Data, Damai Technology, the Great Wall Mobile. The company has more than 45,000 employees, and it carries out Internet access services, data center services and related Internet value-added services in more than 210 cities in China and North America.

Affected by broadband business, overall performance growth rate of Dr. Peng Group has slowed down, but revenue of “Internet value-added” including data center and value-added services grew rapidly, with a compound growth of 17.2% for 6 years, and the corresponding sales gross margin has also kept growing.

At present, Dr. Peng Group is a third-party neutral enterprise with the largest number of cabinets, and it realizes network connection across the whole country; it has established high-standard, disaster recovery-level and distributed T3 and T4 data centers that can be commercialized in such cites in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan, and Chengdu and, covering an area of 200,000 square meters, with  30,000 cabinets, and a server capacity of more than 330,000 units. By offering a wide array of solutions, Dr. Peng cloud services can address different demands regarding “enterprise connected to the cloud”; it has resource-based products (EDC, DC, cloud hosts, etc.), service-based products (CDN, O2O, public cloud, private cloud, etc.), and value-oriented products (resource Integration); it enables enterprises to achieve business deployment efficiently by personalized and innovative solutions. At the moment, there are enterprises from circles such as finance, entertainment, medical care stationed, and integrated cloud network solutions of Dr. Peng Group has shown strong growth momentum.

At the forum, Wu Shaoyan focused on the PLCN submarine cable project, which was jointly developed by Dr. Peng Group Google and Facebook. With a total length of 12,800 kilometers, The PLCN submarine cable is the first ultra-high-capacity submarine transmission line directly connected to Hong Kong and Los Angeles. When it comes to the routing, it is directly connected to the United States, without transferring through Japan or South Korea. As a private communication company which performs overseas resource layout earlier, Dr. Peng accurately captures the new trend of manufacturing transferring to Southeast Asia and conducts regional cloud network resources layout through resource replacement, providing “integrated cloud network” services for Chinese and foreign companies participating in the Belt and Road Initiative.

Dr. Peng has officially launched the comprehensive transformation and upgrading; by giving full play to the advantages of “a network, a cloud, a group of people” to empower customers, it is committed to becoming an expert for cloud network powering and marketing maintenance”, and striving to build itself into  “an Internet service provider for business and home”.