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Dr. Peng releases its annual report of 2018, indicating a promising future of data center business


Recently, Dr. Peng disclosed its annual report of 2018, indicating its revenues in the data center and cloud computing business sector reaching up to about 1.35 billion yuan. According to Dr. Peng's business unit of data center, its data center business had achieved in 2018 an operating income of about 1.2 billion yuan, 10% more than in 2017, showing its steady growth of business. 

Geographical advantage + cabinet resource reserve
"Hard power" supporting present and future

Data shows a huge demand for data centers from enterprises of first-tier and second-tier cities. Dr. Peng has been always opting to build its data centers in big cities that are closer to customers. At present, Dr. Peng has established high-standard commercial distributed T3+ and T4 data centers in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Chengdu and other cities, which amount to over 200,000 sqm, about 30,000 cabinets, and a total installed capacity of more than 330,000 sets. As such, Dr. Peng has been always ranking top among carrier-neutral data centers in China.

Thanks to the rapid development of cloud computing, 5G, IoT and other technologies, new needs for IT innovation shall be further opened up, and the data volume will see explosive growth. Analysts predicted in the next 3 years, China's data center market is expected to continue to grow, and reach a market size of up to 190 billion yuan in 2019.

In order to meet greater market needs, Dr. Peng accelerated its pace on new project negotiation, cooperation and reserve in 2018, and on expanding resources in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region, the Yangtze River Economic Belt, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and other core regions. It is expected the overall number of cabinets in Dr. Peng's data centers will reach 60-70 thousand by 2020. In this way, Dr. Peng could better serve its customers, and lay a solid foundation for seizing opportunities in the future to undertake the market dividend of the 5G IoE era.


Professional team + normalization
 "Soft power" of sustained and stable services

In addition to having a large number of self-built high-standard data center cabinets and geographical advantages, Dr. Peng also has a professional data center operation and maintenance team and a powerful back-end technology support team, serving as its "internal strength" to always provide stable services to customers. The team with more than 500 members from all over the country could promptly respond to demands of customers, offer product lifecycle services and management, and guarantee the safe and stable operation of customers' business.

Based upon years of deep understanding on data center operation & maintenance, Dr. Peng's data center team has also established a set of standardized operation & maintenance methodologies and intelligent operation & maintenance management solutions; as such, by using operation & maintenance technology, talents, service experience and other means, the team strives to make its operation & maintenance services to turn to be standardized, intelligent and automatic, thereby providing customers with comprehensive protection of business data.

With an outstanding professional operation & maintenance team and stringent, normative specifications, Dr. Peng's data centers have never had any major accidents like fire and power failure while serving for financial customers till now; moreover, it has successfully fulfilled data center relocation, disaster recovery exercise, and supported the CCTV website, iQIYI and other video streaming customers in the cases of the "two sessions," the live stream of CCTV Spring Festival Gala, and VOD service, and has won wide acclaim from the customers.

Since its foundation, Dr. Peng Data Center has won recognition and support from customers of varied sectors. Honors included the award of "2018-2019 Data Center Excellent Operating Service Unit"; Everbright Bank's Sincere Cooperation Award, Outstanding Contribution Award, Excellent IT Service Provider, Operation & Maintenance Excellent Supplier; CMBC Excellent Operation & Maintenance Service Provider, Alibaba Special Safeguard Award, and Alibaba Double Eleven Outstanding Operation & Maintenance Service Supplier, and so on.

In the future, Dr. Peng Data Center also plans to build its services into a brand, so that it can form stabilized operating standards to provide export of services, undertake data center operation & maintenance service projects from data center companies, real estate investors, and so on, thereby opening up the market of data center services.

As the era of 5G approaches, the geometric growth of data will further expand the market space, so how to face this tough battle? Dr. Peng Data Center has made its demonstration.