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How does Dr. Peng play the game of Industrial Internet?


How does Dr. Peng position its industrial Internet business? What are the core advantages? Facing the opportunity of new infrastructure, what breakthroughs will be achieved with the industrial Internet business?

As a pioneer of private telecom companies, Dr. Peng has undertaken transformation moves and business layout adjustments on 5G, big data, cloud computing, Industrial Internet business, etc., behind every one of which is its precise control of industry trends.

The Industrial Internet has been brought under the new infrastructure initiative this year, and thus become a new type of infrastructure that promotes changes to the industrial technology system, drives the overall transformation and upgrading of the industry, and props up the comprehensive development of the social economy. Dr. Peng has long since engaged itself in the field of industrial Internet. "In 2017, we rolled out joint innovations with large private enterprises and listed companies in the eastern coastal developed regions of China, and have thus accumulated benchmark cases. Dr. Peng will invest to build the Dr. Peng 5G Synergy Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park in the western region of China this year, to help the local government with the development of the industrial Internet." said Mr. Liu Bo, GM, Industrial Internet BU, Dr. Peng Group when he was interviewed by the reporter from Communications Weekly.


Mr. Liu Bo, GM, Industrial Internet BU, Dr. Peng

Dr. Peng set up the Industrial Internet BU last year, since then its industrial Internet business has come to the fore from “behind the scenes”. How does Dr. Peng position its industrial Internet business? What are the core advantages? Facing the opportunity of new infrastructure, what breakthroughs will be achieved with the industrial Internet business?

Consolidated technological reserves

The Industrial Internet is the carrier of convergence applications of IoT, big data, AI, and edge computing and other technologies. They shall form in convergence a new industrial technology system featuring data-driven design, decoupled architecture, full-process closed-loop feedback, and rapid response.

In terms of technological reserves, Dr. Peng has set up blockchain and industrial big data labs with its partners, accomplished the development of edge computing platform, 5G synergy, AI and other innovative technologies, and fulfilled the accumulation of supporting technologies required to conduct the industrial Internet business.

Data is the core driving force of the Industrial Internet. The Industrial Internet, according to Mr. Liu Bo, refers to the convergence of IT and OT, and the big data capability is a must. The big data capability, more than just the richness and granularity of data collected, should be more concerned for the value behind data.

Liu emphasized the value of edge computing. The edge computing gateway collects, processes, and transmits data at the edge of the industrial site, undertakes the task of industrial data transmission, and then integrates the data on the cloud platform, and in the end applies big data analysis to enable production, thereby unearthing the true value of data.

In practice, Dr. Peng is positioned as an infrastructure provider in the industrial circle and a long-term partner for digital transformation and upgrading of industrial enterprises, providing software and hardware integrated modular solutions to help industrial enterprises in improving quality, reducing costs, and raising efficiency. According to customer needs, it helps to integrate scattered data resources of enterprises, performs data analysis, business modeling and mining on massive business data on the basis of its industrial big data platform, providing technical support for enterprises’ data-based operations.

Dr. Peng adopts the semi-custom modular design, and makes use of a main platform and a number of stand-alone replicable modular applications to create customized vertical sub-platforms for multiple industries; and according to the informatization stage and specific big data demands of different businesses, it carries out adjustments and performs secondary development accordingly.

Solving the core benefit problem

The application of various technologies must ultimately points to solving the core issues of a business, that is, to increase profits and reduce costs. With its technology accumulation, resource layout and butler service, Dr. Peng is of full confidence to meet the core demands of customers. Unlike most IT vendors, the Industrial Internet BU of Dr. Peng would even sign with enterprises a VAM agreement on its industrial big data project.

As for resources and services, Dr. Peng has accomplished profound accumulations early in the development stage of consumer Internet. Over the past 20 years, Dr. Peng has worked intensively on data center and network communication services, and deployed data center clusters with up to 30,000 cabinets in more than 10 core cities, with its network communication spreading throughout the country and 200+ cities in North America; as for technical services, the members of its Industrial Internet team are mostly former employees of Google or major Chinese Internet firms, who are down to actual business and able to provide professional services.

It will be a long-term process of dynamic optimization and iterative development for the Industrial Internet to evolve from integration of IT and OT data resources, to upgrading of manufacturing capabilities, and to value upgrade of new ecosystem.

"We will use 3-5 years of iterations to dig into the industry thoroughly." said Liu. Today, Dr. Peng has accomplished the task of enabling corporate customers of electronics, automotive, brewing, textile, new energy and other industries, and has achieved business goal breakthroughs, rapid development, efficiency promotion and loss reduction, hence enhanced business capabilities.

To grow into a half unicorn

Dr. Peng's layout in Industrial Internet is based on industries. For example, after having rolled out competitive products and benchmarks in the mature provinces and industries in the east, it has further promoted them to other provinces, and achieved business expansion relying on the local governments’ promotion of and guidance to industrial big data platforms.

It is known that Dr. Peng Group has conducted thorough investigations on local authorities and many enterprises and institutions of petrochemicals, medical health, cultural tourism and other industries in Gansu, Qinghai, Ningxia, etc., and studied on implementing its layout in Industrial Internet and applying industrial big data and other advanced technological systems to lower costs and raise efficiency according to the business characteristics of different enterprises.

Regarding the pain points of enterprises in the development of the industrial Internet, Liu Bo said currently the main problems were: different enterprises are of varying information levels, and enterprise managers don't know clearly about what is informatization, what is data, and what is intelligentization. Upon long-term researches, it is found that most industrial enterprises are more concerned with the pain points in four directions, that is, management, cost, quality and delivery.

In response to problems of different enterprises, Dr. Peng provides solutions like industrial big data platform + industry application market, to solve the said problems specifically, and help enterprises to carry out intelligent transformation and upgrading, to thus comprehensively enhance the overall level of enterprise intelligence.

Speaking of the development goal of the industrial Internet business, Liu said its target scale of the Industrial Internet business is expected to be expanded to be hundreds of millions yuan by next year. In 2-3 years, the annual business scale will reach about 500 million yuan, and grow into a half unicorn. “The delivery cycle and revenue of some projects cannot be confirmed until next year, but we have confidence in the future.” said Liu.