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Dr. Peng teams up with ZJU ArcLab to set up a frontier technology research center and gains R&D support


On May 18, 2020, the opening ceremony of the ZJU ArcLab-Dr. Peng Frontier Technology Research Center, founded by Dr. Peng IUR Business Division and ZJU ArcLab, was rounded off. It was attended by Prof. Chen Wenzhi (Director of ZJU ArcLab), Lu Weituan (Executive VP of Dr. Peng Group), Zhou Xinyu (Director of Dr. Peng Group), Gao Chunshuang (GM of IUR Business Division, Dr. Peng Group), and many leaders from Zhejiang University.


Research + Practice 

Joint efforts to take down key technologies


By this cooperation, the two parties will focus on researches on big data, blockchain, edge computing, AI, 5G and other cutting-edge technologies, and development of relevant products. They will integrate their respective resources to build a "policy-industry-university-research-innovation” five-in-one sci-tech innovation capabilities demonstration center for frontier technologies, and a national leading frontier technology innovation ecosystem platform that integrates talent cultivation, scientific research and achievements transformation.

Meawhile, as Dr. Peng engages itself deeply into 5G, big data, edge computing, and industrial Internet, ZJU ArcLab will work with Dr. Peng on key technologies in corresponding fields, and conduct cooperation in technology development, technical services, and technical consulting.

Mutual promotion

To create industry model


Chen Wenzhi, Director of ZJU ArcLab


ZJU ArcLab’s research results are mainly at the service of such fields as consumer microelectronics, mobile computing, data center, and cloud center. Zhejiang University is committed to building ZJU ArcLab into a featured industry-university-research combined lab in China, hoping to develop an ecosystem incorporating education, technology, and industry. In this ecosystem, participants including Zhejiang University and Dr. Peng can mutually promote each other. It is believed that the jointly established research center will become a featured industry model in the next few years.


Lu Weituan, Executive VP, Dr. Peng Group


Zhejiang University, one of the first national demonstration universities deepening innovation and entrepreneurship education reform, is a prestigious national key university boasting strong R&D and talent strength. And ZJU ArcLab is an academic R&D institution upholding the innovative, pioneering and study spirits. With mutual promotion from the industrial strength of Dr. Peng Group, it is bound to achieve lots of results to feed back to the university, industries and the society.

Faced with the trend that has begun, Dr. Peng still lays emphasis on the thickness of business while rapidly conducting layout planning and scheduling, so that it can hold the lead with continuously achieved core technological results in the future. Now with the technical research and development support from ZJU ArcLab, Dr. Peng will certainly be more innovative and forward-looking in layout planning and scheduling of big data, blockchain, edge computing, AI, and 5G.