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Dr. Peng joins hands with OneSmart to provide online classes and help students to attend the classes of famous teachers from Tsinghua and PKU


[News from ccidcom.com] Affected by the outbreak of COVID-19, classes are generally postponed nationwide. What parents are most concerned about is their children's education. How to ensure children continue to receive education at home and keep a good learning state while staying at home to prevent and control the epidemic has become the focus of society.

The two listed enterprises Dr. Peng Telecom & Media Group Limited (Dr. Peng) and OneSmart International Education Group (OneSmart) jointly bring a solution. Relying on domy boxes independently developed by Dr. Peng's Damai Technology and the Smart Education Cloud Service Platform of Dr. Peng Cloud Class (Dr. Peng Cloud Class), they provide children with a variety of excellent courses created by OneSmart for free, helping students continue their studies during the suspension of classes

Professional interactive platform to meet the learning needs of students of all ages

It is learned that Dr. Peng is the largest listed private value-added telecommunications company in China, committed to data center and cloud computing, communications and Internet services, and submarine optical cable business. Its Damai Technology provides services for tens of millions of enterprises and home users depending on Damai Media Convergence platform, Cloudp, Dr. Peng Cloud Class and other cloud service platforms, as well as 5G domy boxes, 5G routers, intelligent control and other terminals.

It is worth mentioning that Dr. Peng Cloud Class focuses on “online live interactive teaching” to provide smart education for preschool children, primary school students, middle school students and high school students of all ages in a variety of product forms. The professional meeting system creates an interactive Damai classroom in the air, offering a quick access for students in the special period to the classroom in different forms, achieving the learning scenario of pre-class preview and multi-dimensional review after class, to provide more convenient educational conditions for students and their parents.

According to the person in charge, the convenient and efficient use experience of Dr. Peng Cloud Class depends on the systematic network resources and data center resources of Dr. Peng besides its technology research and development ability. Dr. Peng has a strong data center cluster of up to 30,000 cabinets in more than a dozen core cities across the country, as well as network communications covering more than 200 cities nationwide and the support from the Internet technology operation and maintenance teams composed of more than 20,000 members. It is these unique core capabilities that provide strong support for Dr. Peng.

Live and recorded course, providing top K12 educational content

As a leading high-end diversified education group in the K12 industry, OneSmart is also the content provider for the online course service. It brings live broadcast and recording of excellent courses for children. The live courses are provided by famous teachers of OneSmart based on Dr. Peng Cloud Class Platform. In this mode, children can interact with teachers and ask questions in real time to achieve the most direct and good learning effect. Recorded courses focus on K12 tutoring courses, literacy courses and family education courses, including curriculum resources of different grades in elementary, junior high school, and high school, covering many subjects such as Chinese, Mathe, English and family education. Users search for the required courses via the domy box directly.

As a provider of high-end education content, OneSmart has been deeply engaged in the industry for more than a decade. Relying on the advantages over its original “Case Teaching Method in Harvard”, “UPC learning ability enhancement system”, the resources reserve of teachers from prestigious universities such as Tsinghua and Peking University, OneSmart has always maintained good performance and reputation, and well accepted by students and their parents.

The two listed companies joining hands to bring a solution to the social problem in the special period deserve many likes. It is believed that children will surely benefit from the innovation platform + quality resources provided by them.