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Dr. Peng allied with ANB to empower traditional industries


As the largest private telecom value-added service provider and listed company in China, Dr. Peng applied its forward-looking insight into industry trends to integrate superior resources since August 2018, featuring "a cloud, a network, and a group of people". It continued to enhance its core competencies, and empower the traditional industries, achieving notable results in transforming to an integrated business and home service provider, thereby forming a new pattern of the industrial ecosystem.

Mr. Cui Hang, President of Dr. Peng Group, said Dr. Peng has "a cloud" of data centers + cloud computing solutions; "a network" of rich resources; and "a group of people" - the service and operations team all over the country and North America. These are all advantages as Dr. Peng exerted forces on industrial Internet and developed cross-border in-depth cooperation with industry partners. The company will integrate the "cloud", "net", and "people" advantages to, by means of network + products + technology + services, empower the industries.

Win-win cooperation with ATV Group, innovating to push the launch of Damai Fusion Media

The cooperation with ATV Group is a representative of the Damai Fusion Media platform's in-depth cooperation in the media industry. On December 18, Dr. Peng officially joined hands with ANB, indicating the success of Damai Fusion Media landing on the media industry. Targeting at the global Chinese market, the two companies had thus jointly created a smart large-screen ecological service platform, accelerating the arrival of the new age of sharing economy among all Chinese around the globe, featuring an international outlook.  

  It is known that Tech Mai, backed by Dr. Peng, is a professional OTT development and operation company. It launched Damai Fusion Media that empowers business users. That was a positive measure to commit the industrial Internet under the increasingly fierce 2C market. The president introduced that "Damai Box was among the first ones engaged with OTT, for it had been launched before Xiaomi. Professional technology and technical team." "The listed company has invested over a billion yuan on Damai Box. The launch of Damai Fusion Media is epochal to Dr. Peng, and is due to a private enterprise transforming faster."

  The partner of the cooperation - ANB, is a new international TV media organization targeting the global audience, main business covering all-media industries, business ecosystem involving multiple fields like culture, tourist real estate, film & television. It is now focusing on the layout of OTT cross-border mall and professional finance. In this context, Mr. Cui said, "we will use Damai Fusion Media, an innovative industrial solution and, by the Damai platform + operational support system + CDN service + big data service and other technical services, to provide powerful support for ANB's rapid development, underlying Tech Mai's promotion of all-industry convergence media empowering." 

  Outstanding comprehensive competitiveness, in-depth cooperation with head enterprises of various sectors

Over the years, Dr. Peng has been developing home users and government/enterprise clients in China, and has now accumulated       500,000 government/enterprise customers, 6 million OTT users and 14 million active home users, its broadband network covering 212 cities and 110 million homes; in the data center field, Dr. Peng is referred to as third-party neutral data centers with leading scale and strength in China. There are high-standard distributed T3 and T4 data center rooms in 15 cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Chengdu, with a total area of more than 200,000 square meters, and a total number of over 30,000 cabinets. 

  With obvious advantages being a leader, Tech Mai, in addition to the media industry, is also conducting in-depth cooperation with the head enterprises of education, finance, and other entity industries. At the present stage, brands of the industry are generally quite dispersive, while Damai Box's users are so centralized that it appears highly competitive to be operated as a unified platform. In addition, Dr. Peng boasts rich resources, holds shares of GITV, and has received the generally scarce license issued by National Radio and Television Administration, and conducted in-depth cooperation on content with iQIYI, and Tencent, boasting high-quality globally distributed nodes, and outstanding overall strength.

  In the future, Tech Mai will use Damai Fusion Media, data centers, and cloud network products to conduct closer cooperation in such fields as media, education, finance and entity manufacturing. By cloud computing, big data, new media and other new technology applications, and through cross-border integration of customer resources and big data cross marketing, it shall empower the industries to boost the second half prosperity of Internet, and the development of digital economy.


       Active response to market upheaval, and boldness of the new management

  The broadband industry had experienced a good dividend era earlier, in which Dr. Peng, as an industry pioneer, was also a beneficiary of the market. However, the "higher speed and less fee" policy applied to fixed-line broadband made the profit margin continue to drop, and due to the fierce competition among the three major state-owned infrastructure operators, Dr. Peng's main business environment was challenged with drastic changes. Dr. Peng actively responded to the market changes, and decided resolutely to transform its business, revealing its courage as an industry leader.

  In fact, Dr. Peng went through a long-brewed official election of new board of directors and recruitment of senior management on August 24, and upon thorough investigation combined with the status quo of the company's operation and management, the president Mr. Cui Hang proposed the "five-specific" policy, namely "specific strategic direction, specific organizational structure, specific management process, specific product strategy, and specific incentives", henceforth illuminating the future development of Dr. Peng.

  The president introduced, "Dr. Peng is a platform company with cloud computing, big data, and "cloud-channel-device", but its valuation is much lower than other data center companies. SINNET, GDS, 21Vianet have their cloud platform, but no broadband, no OTT box, and less hands, but they got higher market values, because they have the imagination, and engage in cloud computing and big data. Dr. Peng, however, is a poor telecom operator, a labor-intensive enterprise." "So now we hold both our hands tight, break the 1 +1 +1<1 curse, and constantly give voice to the outside."

  Currently, Dr. Peng developed the "Open-NCloud global cloud network platform", which has effectively solved the large-scale and efficient deployment of cloud applications, fast construction of cross-domain networks and other major issues. After having launched Intranet VPN, data center high-speed lines, enterprise-class cloud services, Dr. Peng further enriched its product lines to provide customers with complete cloud computing solutions worldwide, ranging from computing to storage, network, platform, application service and so on, to therefore create a cloud application and service system that collects finance, mobile Internet, IoT, education, healthcare, government and other sectors.


  Obvious advantage with data center, empowering traditional industries to accelerate business transformation

  It is noteworthy that, as 5G brings about the Internet of everything, large amounts of data need to be stored, Dr. Peng, with absolute discourse in respect of data center, will gradually reveal its advantages. By the end of 2018, Dr. Peng's total number of data center cabinets had reached 30,000, overall usage rate up to 80%. Based on the early advantages, Mr. Cui disclosed that next, "Dr. Peng will continue to expand the data center scale, raising the number of cabinets from currently 30,000 to 60,000 next year, then 100,000 or 150,000 in the coming five years. Dr. Peng is striving to remain its status of being the largest private, and neutral third-party data center operator."

  In addition, it is learned that Dr. Peng's Xiaopeng Manager will be released soon. Cui explained, "Dr. Peng will make use of the Internet to enable its employees to take orders by the platform logic of Didi, SF, and Meituan, thus picking up the follow-up services after home Internet. We used to do things before the router, now we will carry on what is after it. Later, all household appliances may need networking."

  Turning the personnel "burden" as the public deems so into its own unique wealth - this is indeed a good idea. Great Wall Broadband's home service has been offered for 20 years, and has gained great trust from the users. Staffed by 30 to 40 thousand employees, Dr. Peng on the one hand aimed at "home economy" and dropped by innumerable homes to get precisely engaged in the entire traditional service sector; and on the other hand, Dr. Peng strove to create the "cloud network empowering and local maintenance" services, proceed cooperation in terms of capital, business and other angles, and invite partners to join Dr. Peng to build a new industry forms. The cooperation with WeDoctor in Wuzhen is one straight to the pain point of the industry, playing a good market demonstration effect. So it's quite something big, and worthy of the wait.